How to Repair Cat Scratches On Leather With Olive Oil

How to Repair Cat Scratches On Leather With Olive Oil

You’ve probably heard that cats have a habit of scratching furniture, but did you know that it can also damage leather surfaces? Cats scratch and claw to mark their territory, and the fur that comes off can damage upholstery and leather. To prevent your furniture from being scratched, apply a protective coating that will repel the cat’s claws. Olive oil is one of the best oils for this purpose, and you can even use it to clean leather.

Olive oil is a natural oil that has many uses. You can use it for cooking, cleaning, and beauty. It is also a great way to protect your furniture.

Cat scratch damage is caused by the oils left behind after the cats lick and scratch up furniture or other leather items. If this happens to your leather couch, table, etc., you can apply a thin layer of olive oil as a preventative measure.

Identifying the Leather

You should identify the kind of leather the item is made of before repairing it. Aniline leathers are soft and pliable; if the damage is not too deep, you can use them to fix it. The more sophisticated, pigmented, or finished leathers are durable, but if the damage is severe, they may be best to use when the scratches are on a piece of furniture.

However, it is advisable to check for tags, bills, safety manuals, or care instructions that came with the leather article for better details. You can also call up the furniture store/manufacturer in this regard.

A leather repair can be complicated if you don’t know what type of leather your item has. You’ll need to figure this out before you begin the repair process. You can also perform a small patch test on the underside of the leather to see if the repair will damage the material.

Type of Scratch

If the leather is scratched, you don’t need to worry. You need to rub a little olive oil on the leather, and it will start working immediately.

If the damage is severe, you can repair the leather boots with the help of olive oil. However, if the leather is badly damaged, the boot must be replaced.

Repair the Scratches

Leather Cleaning Clean the leather with leather cleaner to remove debris and dirt. Be careful not to overdo it with this method, as the leather will be weakened. Allow leather to dry thoroughly before using it again.

It’s essential to use an oil that is compatible with your handbag. You can try petroleum jelly, but you must remember to clean it off between each use. Otherwise, your handbag’s finish will become scratched again. 

You might also find that you must use more petroleum jelly than usual.

Ways to Prevent Cats from Scratching the Leather.

Another most popularly asked question is how to keep cats off leather furniture. So, we have these answers for you as well.

Cover the leather with a cloth or other things.

Get your cat a scratching board to protect the leather couch from cats.

You can also use a precautionary measure and apply a cat deterrent spray on your leather products to protect leather couches from cats.

Scratching is a behavior every cat does intuitionally. But we understand it can get a bit disturbing when it ruins your leather furniture or any other product. After reading this article, we hope you can get rid of those marks and protect your leather goods in the future.


How do I clean a cat scratch on leather?

Olive oil is the best way to clean a cat scratch on leather. First, soak the area in warm water for a few minutes. Then, take some olive oil and rub it into the scratch.

How do I know if olive oil is working?

Olive oil will usually turn black, which means it’s working.

How long will the olive oil take to work?

The olive oil should be applied several times a day.

What if the cat scratch isn’t that deep?

It’s essential to keep an eye on the cat scratch because if you don’t, you could have a more serious injury.

What if I want to repair a cat scratch that’s not on leather?

You can use olive oil to clean a cat scratch on any fabric.

Will olive oil remove cat fur?

Olive oil will not remove cat fur.

What about dog scratches?

You can use olive oil to clean a dog scratch on any fabric.

In the end

The first thing that you need to do is remove the cat scratch by gently wiping it off. After doing this, you can apply olive oil to the scratch and rub it in thoroughly. It would help if you did this at least twice a day. I hope you like the information about how to repair cat scratches on leather with olive oil.

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