How Many Dinnerware Sets Should You Have

How Many Dinnerware Sets Should You Have

You should have at least two dinnerware sets. While I would love to imagine that everyone has a large family or group of people they regularly invite over for dinner parties, this is not always the case. Whether you are single and still want to host dinner parties of your own, or whether you do not entertain enough people regularly to warrant the purchase of a large dinnerware set, you should at least have two dinnerware sets.

One dinnerware set should always be composed of three pieces: plates, bowls, and mugs. The second dinnerware set should comprise smaller items such as glasses for beverages and other small dishes that may not fit into the first set.
It may depend on the design of your dinnerware set (I will cover this later). Still, you should not have to wash your dishes every day or even every other day if your dishes are large. If you do not have a dishwasher, doing the dishes can become a weekly chore that will start to eat away at your time.

If your dinnerware set is not dishwasher safe, definitely do not wash it every day. Even if you can pop dishes into the oven, I would still refrain from doing this, especially when using expensive dishes.

Types Of Dinnerware Materials

  • Ceramic Dinnerware Sets

Ceramic dinnerware sets are trendy because it is a common material that has been used for many years. If you want to invest in a ceramic set but do not want anything too expensive, a simple set of white plates can be had for as little as ten dollars per plate. The significant advantage of buying a cheap ceramic dinnerware set is the ability to satisfy any appetite with ease, no matter how hungry an individual might be. In addition, ceramic dishes absorb heat from foods more slowly than other types of dinnerware materials.

  • Glass Dinnerware Sets

If you are looking for something that will produce less sound when people eat off them or if you are nervous about breaking your dishes, you might want to consider drinking glasses made of glass . Glass is a type of material that is very versatile, so if your dinner party is an upscale one where everyone dresses up for the occasion, you can pick up small sauce dishes and serving platters in this material too.

  • Stoneware Dinnerware Sets

For those looking to stay traditional with their dinnerware sets, stoneware may be the material you want to go for as it is another popular type of dinnerware material. The stoneware dinner set is known to last a long time and is resistant to chipping or scratching.

  • China Dinnerware Sets

Why not go all out and buy a China dinnerware set? China dinner sets are stylish and can brighten up any dining room with ease. To choose the best China dinnerware set for yourself, look for ones where each piece is made out of separate elements so you can pick out an entire set without having to worry about finding matching plates.
Suppose you live in a country or state where the climate is either very hot or cold. In that case, you will want to choose a dinner set that can stand up to high temperatures and keep dishes cold.

  • Glass and China Dinnerware Sets

If you are looking for a dinnerware set that can do everything, including standing up to high temperatures and also being able to be chilled, glass dinnerware sets are the best choice. The only downside with glass is that you will need to buy a set that is dishwasher safe, or your dishes may break easily when you place them into the oven.

  • Colorful Dinnerware Sets

If you want something fun and unique for your dinnerware set, you might want to consider buying colorful dinnerware sets or color-coordinating separate pieces. You can get a large plate and bowl set and then choose a fun colored mug for yourself, or you can even get individual plates and bowls in different colors too.


Choosing A Set Of Dinnerware

To choose the best dinnerware set for you, consider your needs and lifestyle. First of all, if you are single or do not entertain often enough to warrant having two sets but still want to do some entertaining on your own, you can get away with one set that has three pieces (plates, bowls, and mugs).

But even if you are part of a large family or host many dinner parties where eight people would be minimum guests (and thus require more than eight plates), five pieces could suffice in most cases. The second set will contain smaller items such as glasses and mixing bowls.
When choosing a dinnerware set, it is essential to remember that ceramic glaze is what makes any dishes dishwasher safe or not.

If you are looking for more of a casual set of dishes, the glaze will determine whether or not you need to hand wash your plates. Casual dinnerware can be washed in the dishwasher. However, this may depend on the pattern and design of the dinnerware.
Dinnerware that is not rimmed can usually go in the oven or microwave oven. However, some have a very fragile glaze, so if the rim of your dinnerware is thin, rinse it off with hot water before you put it in either appliance.

If you are looking for fine china set to entertain, look for a dinnerware set made from bone china or porcelain. The glaze of bone china has a tougher finish that makes it dishwasher safe. Porcelain is even more durable but may cost you a bit more to buy dinnerware made from this material because it genuinely is porcelain and not ceramic.

Dinnerware Storage

It’s essential to store your dishes in an easy-to-reach location. If you don’t have a lot of space, consider buying shelves that can slide underneath your cupboard or countertop. That way, you’ll always know where the plates and glasses are when it’s time to set the table.

Remember that design truly does matter when it comes to dinnerware, so choose a pattern and color scheme that appeals to your family. Your dinnerware does not have to match, but it should all look as if they go together. If you don’t like what you see, try a different pattern and color scheme to find the perfect set for your kitchen and lifestyle.

When looking at dining sets, be sure that there is enough space between each place setting to allow enough room for the plates and glasses to fit comfortably. Otherwise, your guests will be bumping elbows at the table.
When looking for a dinnerware set, be sure that it is not excessively heavy or weighted in such a way that stacking other dishes on top of the dinnerware will pose a problem.

Final Words

So The answer to this question depends on your budget and how many people you plan to entertain. You may want a more expensive set for the formal dinner parties, but if most of your entertaining is in small informal gatherings with family or friends, then one inexpensive set will suffice.
I hope this guide will help you and solve many questions that come to your mind whenever you want to buy dinnerware sets.


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