How to Install Floating Shelves without Drilling

How to Install Floating Shelves without Drilling

On a day like today, I really wanted to install floating shelves in my kitchen. Still, the last thing I want is for my house to look run down, so installing them without drilling was crucial. This project took me an hour with only one trip to the store, so it’s easily doable for anyone.

Mark The Location

First step is to scale your wall and buy the shelves, brackets, anchors, and nails that you will need. When getting the measurements make sure they are exact; one of my shelf brackets was not lining up correctly because I did not install them where my measurements were taken (I recommend penciling in all of your measurements so they can be erased if need be.

Next step is to mark the location where you want your brackets and shelf to hang on the wall and use a level so that it’s straight for both pieces. It’s best to go by how many inches down from the top of the bracket you want your shelf to begin, then measure how many inches you want the bottom of the shelf to be from the floor.

This information will determine where you place your brackets (I recommend putting them in a straight line).
I used half-inch wood screws and the anchors with anchors already on them for my brackets, but for yours, it may be different. Also, when you drill your hole in the wall, make sure that it is right by the anchor if there is one already on it; otherwise, you may have to put anchors on both sides of the holes.

Now that you have your bracket up place the shelf over top of it with a level to check how straight it is, and then screw your screws into the wall to attach it. If you are using molly bolts instead of nails, drill a hole by the anchor if one is already on it.

Bracket Up Place

Now that both shelves are up, you can finish the look by hanging pictures or anything else around them. I placed pictures of my family in some of the frames that I already had in my house, but you can buy new ones or even paint some frames in different colors to match the look of your shelves.

That’s it! This project only took an hour and ten minutes for me, so if you are looking for a quick makeover without drilling holes in your walls, floating shelves are the way to go. So I have something to hang my hat on when it comes to home decorating.

Additional Tips

Provide tips for what tools are needed, if any, and explain how you might know if the screws are too long or not pushed in far enough.
If your shelves aren’t level, but the one that is lower on a box (or something else sturdy) and screw it in to make the shelves level.

If you want to make the shelves look more industrial, use metal brackets and supports instead of wood.
Think about what pictures you might put on the wall. Hanging a picture of you with your family is an easy way to show what was important to you and maybe interesting to people reading your article.
Placing pictures of you with friends or other family members is also a way to show what was important in your life.


Final Words

In the end, we hope that you have found this article helpful in learning how to install floating shelves without drilling. If there are any other questions or concerns regarding your installation process, please feel free to reach out, and I’ll be happy to help.
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Thank you.

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